The Glassman Team

Dallas was the first Glassman. He owns the place. These days you'll find him driving around in his truck, chatting up the customers.

Roger is foreman of Glassman and has been Glazing for 36 years which has given him the title of MasterGlazier, God or Grumpy​.

17 years in the business.
*Proud members of the NZ Locksmith Association
*Master Locksmiths
*Master Glaziers
*Site Safe Authorised
*Authorised Insurance Repairs

Kiel is our top        allrounder a Master Locksmith and Glazier with skills that go above and beyond.  He's kinda new but been around forever:)

Naomi is our Job Manager and quotes NINJA.   She's a multi tasking super organiser for the Glassman team.

Megan is our unfazed accountant and  kicks serious butt when it comes to accounts and invoicing like a pro!

Charmaine is the Glasswomen. She's married to Dallas and is actually the brains behind the whole thing, but shhhhh don't tell anyone

Ezra is our newly qualified Glazier and Locksmith who has honed his craft from some of our best! 

Lejaron is the Obi Wan of locksmithing and Glazing, he is one cool character!! He lives and works in the best little town Kawerau.

Ethan is another skilled Glazier and Locksmith and recently qualified, hes great with problem solving and loves a joke. He is keen to become the new BOSS asap.

Natasha is our job scheduler and newest addition she can handle multiple telephones and customers like an absolute CHAMP!

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